Nozbe Outlook Sync – How to Get Tasks in to Your Outlook Calender

I recently came across a “getting things done” service called Nozbe that allows you to manage projects and your time with an online interface. As well as being able to work with the service online, there’s also a handy iPhone and iPad app that can sync up to the web service allowing you to keep a task list whilst on the move.

When I was looking in to subscribing to the service* I couldn’t find any mention of integrating the scheduled task list with a standard Outlook calendar. The good news is that it is possible to do a Nozbe Outlook sync by using the iCal output that Nozbe provides.

To pull tasks down from Nozbe in to your calendar in Outlook, you first need to load up Outlook and then click on the Calendar option.

In the left sidebar you should see a list of calendars that you are using under a check box called “My Calendars”. Right click on My Calendars and click “From Internet”. At this point you will be presented with a box that indicates you should paste a URL in to it. The URL you need to use can be found in your Nozbe admin interface.

To get access to the iCal feed on Nozbe you first need to make sure you have a Nickname and PIN configured in the settings menu of the Nozbe admin interface. To do that you simply login to Nozbe, hit settings and select a username and PIN. This combination forms part of the URL you use to access the iCal feed.

When you have your Nickname and PIN configured you need to go back to the main interface in Nozbe, click Calendar in the right sidebar and then click the Info dropdown link in the top middle of the page. You will then see a few links with the last one being iCal. Click on iCal and a URL will show up that will be already populated with your Nickname and PIN you configured earlier. Copy the URL to the clipboard and head back to Outlook.

When in Outlook you should still have the box open that says “Enter the location of the internet calendar you want to add to Outlook:”. Paste the iCal URL from Nozbe in to this box and hit OK.

At this point you will have the option to hit OK again, or hit Advanced. The advanced features aren’t too advanced, so I personally wouldn’t bother hitting Advanced.

When you hit OK the final time your tasks should be set up at the top of the calendar of Outlook on the days that you specified certain tasks need to be completed by. Remember that if you do not set a date for a task in Nozbe, it won’t appear in the Outlook Calendar.

Please feel free to comment if you have any questions regarding the integration. The feed is read-only, so you cannot delete or edit in Outlook. The Outlook calender merely lets you know what Nozbe wants you to do on a specific day.

Note: Nozbe is a web based and iOS based app that allows you to Get Things Done. You can subscribe over here.