Virus Removal in Safe Mode

Virus_RemovalNo matter how many times you scan your PC, full virus removal doesn’t always work as you would hope for. This is because the virus you are trying to remove has the ability to tuck its self away in memory and reinstall after the scanner removes it. This can be very frustrating when trying to clean your system to make it run as it should.

Can Virus Removal be Successful?

If you are wondering if the infection can be removed, then the answer is yes. I have yet to come across an infection that I haven’t been able to remove (even though some took a few hours to rid)… yes I am persistent . This tutorial will take you through the steps I use for virus removal. Of course you are welcome to post a question in the comments below should you not be able to rid your PC of an infection and we will provide help as needed.

Using Windows Safe Mode to Remove the Virus

If you are having problems removing a virus then a good way is to use the windows safe mode which is a cut down version of Windows in a way that only the essential modules are loaded. Features such as sound, video drivers and all other software extra does not load in to memory by default. What we are hoping for is that a virus also does not load in to memory as you are bypassing the regular boot sequence. To load up safe mode you need to tap F8 when you first switch your PC on. When you do this a menu will show up early on in the boot sequence you can select start windows in safe mode. Once loaded up you will get your regular username and password prompt and you can log right in. You will notice the icons are large and there isn’t much screen space. This is due to only the basics of the Windows OS loading up.

How to Remove the Virus

Now you are in safe mode, you need to run your virus scanner on the whole drive. This time you should find that all virus’s are removed, and because none were loaded in memory, you shouldn’t have any rogue viri automatically reloading.

Once the virus scan is complete restart the PC the normal way and boot up in to Windows the normal way. Once logged in it is wise to do another virus scan to see if your PC is finally rid of the virus.

What if the Virus still does not Remove?

I find that the majority of pesky “self installing viri” do remove after using the safe mode trick. However, there are still a number that are devious and need a good kick. What I find is best to do is first check your add/remove programs from the file manager and see if anything weird is installed. If so, remove it. Then do a search for the virus you are infected with and see if there are any removal tools available. Follow the instructions step by step from the removal tool website to remove the virus.

If you find you still cannot remove the virus then drop a comment below with any details you have and we will work with you to clean your system. Alternatively you can start a thread in our forum to receive free help over there.